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Transformice2’s future : free-to-play


We are going to add micro-payment to the game in few months! But this doesn’t mean we are going to stop respecting the community : there will be no advantage (no super jump) and the game will remain free forever, the only change will be cosmetic!

How is it going to work?
The first modification you’ll notice in few weeks will be the new shop. Tigrounette is going to modify it in order to make it clearer to everyone and items will be filled in categories like hats, earrings, necklace… etc. And that’s not the only change you’ll be able to see with this new shop : there will be a new special money!

What will be this new money and how can I have some?
We are still trying to choose a good name so nothing is sure yet. You’ll be able to buy some via paypal as soon as micro-payments will be ready.
We’ll also do a beta-test few weeks before introducing it for real into the game.

Buy? What will be the price?
This is still under discussion, we’ll tell you as soon as we know more about it.

What will I be able to buy thanks to micro-payments?
Several different hats will be available but that’s not all! We’ll also add some new items like fur colors, jewelery for your tail, new skins (hamsters, different mice with different coats or markings … etc) and you’ll also be able to personalize your items and change your items color !

Why are you introducing micro-payments? Why won’t these items be free?
The money we’ll earn thanks to micro-payments will allow us to do more than what we could do before : we’ll hire more developers to help Tigrounette and we’ll be able to work on both Transformice and its future little brother.
Also, at the beginning you’ll be able to buy these new items with the new money or regular cheese.


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